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Crime Scene Cleanup Explained

Warning - Do not pay for crime scene cleanup training or "certification".



Get the job first and let your employer train you. You need bloodborne pathogen training and it's available online for $20 or through your American Red Cross.

You will not find a crime scene cleanup job because county employees have a monopoly over crime scene cleanup work. Besides, would you pay to go to "Trump University?" Don't be a sucker.


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Here's your reality check:

Your county coroner's department as well as the public guardian most likely have their own monopoly over crime scene cleanup. These folks usually hire their friends and family members first. I know for a fact that some detectives, fire fighters, and other first responders send famiies to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Jus think "Trump University" and you'll figure it out. It's a scam. Be prepared for receiving zero in job placement.


Do Your Own Research





Here's a Los Angeles County unattended death cleanup information page. Here's another Los Angeles County decomposition cleanup page for even more crime scene cleanup related information.

Agua Dulce
Alondra Park
Antelope Acres
Avocado Heights
Big Mountain Ridge
Big Pines
Big Rock
Bouquet Canyon
Castaic Junction
Charter Oak
Del Aire
Del Sur
Del Valle
Desert View Highlands
East Compton
East La Mirada
East Los Angeles
East Pasadena
East San Gabriel
El Monte 
Hacienda Heights
Juniper Hills
Kinneloa Mesa
La Crescenta-Montrose
Ladera Heights
Lake Hughes
Lake Los Angeles
Leona Valley
Long Beach 
Los Angeles  has a Los Angeles unattended death cleanup page for additional cleaning information.
Marina del Rey
Mayflower Village
North El Monte
Quartz Hill
Rowland Heights
Santa Clarita 
South San Gabriel

South Gate
South San Jose Hills
South Whittier
Stevenson Ranch
Two Harbors
Val Verde
View Park-Windsor Hills
Walnut Park
West Athens
West Carson
West Compton
West Covina 
West Puente Valley
West Whittier-Los Nietos

During one of the greatest crisis of their lives, families become victims of a few Sacramento County employees. They fall prey to scams for stealing their money. Simple janitorial cleaning tasks go to corrupt Sacramento crime scene cleanup companies. In return these criminal county employees receive a families hard earned money. Besides victimized a second time, we might say that these second time victims become economic prisoners of their county employees; for a short time, during their worst moments, these victims believe that their government representatives would never mislead them by referring them to a business scam for cleaning a death scene.

As a form of white collar crime, these tax payer supported crooks deceive the public with their apparent color of authority. They represent respectability and high social status to many citizens. Their occupations imbue them with a certain veneer of government power in the form of serving and protecting the public. Little would anyone suspect that their death administrators like coroner and public guardians seek personal gain from their privileged employment.

As white color crime their opportunities to perform fraud against a naive public comes easily. They have created a subculture within a protective shield that we entitle our public servants so that they can do their needed work. They belong to a socially stratified career field. They have classifications for their work and share socioeconomic privileges others in society cannot imagine. Partial medical care, retirement programs, overtime pay, time off with freedom to accumulate compensation "comp time," and more. They live a middle-class life-style so long as they remain sensible about their expenditures.

For those involved in crime scene cleanup fraud, they have a guaranteed monopoly over crime scene cleanup. They receive as much as 10 percent of crime scene cleanup companies fees to work referred. In this way they and their crony companies keep free enterprise at bay.

Simple public information signs in pertinent county and city offices would help stem the growth of this horrifying trend in local government corruption.

Sanctions, penalties or other means of enforcement would help stem the tide of this growing menace. Criminal sanctions like serious punishment, incarceration or severe fines would do much. For abusing the public trust they should pay dearly.

We need restorative justice for all families victimized by these county and city employees. Imagine your spouse, child, parent, or friends being murdered or committing suicide. Then imagine a county employee misleading you to a cleaning company that charge ten or more times for cleaning up blood, a simple janitorial task. White collar criminals in this line of work should pay steep fines to help restore families stripped of their wealth by county and city employees and crime scene cleanup companies.
Should we not include child abuse among the crimes committed by these public servants? After all, they actually take from children what these children should rightfully inherit. As a result of corrupt county employees, many children loose needed family wealth to pursue education, find suitable clothing, and money that could itself generate income for their futures.


This is an official ed evans web design. All you need to do for the content is use it for certification purposes.

There is one indisputable fact about the crime scene cleanup industry: it does not exist within the meaning of "free enterprise."

Most generally, crime scene cleanup as a business service is a scam to ripoff homeowners insurance companies. Without the homeowners insurance company this janitorial business service would not exist today. It would be known as "blood cleanup" or some other phrase. But it would most probably not go by this phrase we call crime scene cleanup.

Only because Sheriff-coroner employees have first contact with victims families new crime scene cleanup companies receive their monopoly business status. It's this monopoly over cleaning after homicides, suicides, and unattended death that allows them to make the huge sums of money ripped off from insurance companies. Our County employees working for the sheriff-corner receive a 10% kickback to refer victim's families. Sometimes these employees actually own the crime scene cleanup company to which they send victims families.



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There's thousands of scams out there and you should know so by what you find on the Internet. This idea of a "crime scene cleanup certification" is just another scam. Crime scene cleanup is a scam itself to rip off homeownerers insurance companies. Get the job first. If you don't believe me, sign up at "Trump University" and learn all there is to learn from a scam business.

Because of health issues it's become increasingly difficult to complete tasks on my own. As a result I've cut back on my blood cleanup work. But I can still warn the public about this terrible scam perpetrated against hard work Americans, the unemployed and our veterans.

This is you local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By the time President Trump gets done, we may not have an EPA, or a shell of an EPA. The oligarchs have no need for clean air and water since they can always buy it or move.

It's a scam to steal your money; no different than "Trump University," these so-called crime scene cleanup certification courses are worthless. Crime scene cleanup companies do their own training. They do not rely on "certification" because there are no government certifying agencies, like with pubilc schools and colleges.