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Hawaii Crime Scene Cleanup Certification Information

Warning - Do not pay for crime scene cleanup training or "certification".


Do not give them your money!

Get the job first and let your employer train you. You need bloodborne pathogen training and it's available online for $20 or through your American Red Cross.

You will not find a crime scene cleanup job because county employees have a monopoly over crime scene cleanup work. Besides, would you pay to go to "Trump University?" Don't be a sucker.

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Don't spend money on a crime scene cleanup certification school. Employers do their own employee crime scene cleanup training, then they award employees their crime scene cleanup certification beanie. This is usually bloodborne pathogen training with janitorial skills thrown in.

You most important Hawaii crime scene cleanup training comes from your employer, no where else. Where else might it arise? The United States Government, State Government, County Government, and City Governments do not offer crime scene cleanup certification. Community and state colleges do not offer crime scene cleanup certiciation.

The Military

Join the military. I know for a fact that the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force will train you to clean floors, walls, toilets, pots, pans, weapons, and all sorts of equipment. That's a great place to get your cleaning training. Plus, the military is great for teaching soldiers, sailors, airmen how to treat wounds. The military teaches much of the same stuff that the American Red Cross teaches for blood-borne pathogen training. Plus they teach how to clear airways and much more.

Here's what you need to do. After a visit to my other official crime scene cleanup web site, come back, if you dare. What you will learn may blow your mind away. Some who visit will not get far. They will know that whatever they do, they have chosen a losing path.

Gee, if you think you're going to find a quick path to riches you're in for some disappointment. Except, if you have one of those lucrative county jobs in the coroner or medical examiner departments, you stand to make BIG money.

Think about it. You can work your way into one of those precious coroner investigator jobs. There's you'll have opportunities to meet and cheat victims' families. By simply lying to these emotionally wounded families, you and you family will grow in wealth and status. Your friends and neigbors will admire your hard erned success as demonstrated by you new car, famcy clothes, and big house. And you have a tax payer funded job!

There's suckers everywhere and victims' families will think that you're doing them a great favor. You can lose. But first, you must find your way into a tap payer funded job working for your county sheriff or other law enforcement position with victim contacts.

Here's your Hawaii reality check:

Your Hawaii county coroners' departments and some law enforcement people most likely have their own monopoly over crime scene cleanup. These folks usually hire their friends and family members first. I know for a fact that some detectives, fire fighters, and other first responders send famiies to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Jus think "Trump University" and you'll figure it out. It's a scam. Be prepared for receiving zero in job placement.


Do Your Own Research

Next, place a writing pad near your telephone along with a telephone. Leave these tools in place.

Then, visit a bloodborne pathogen training web site for Hawaii. Once you find a bloodborne pathogen training company for about $25, take the course. Perhaps Hawaii has an American Red Cross. Get your bloodborne pathogen training here through 4 rigorous hours of first aid training, including a certification in bloodborne pathogen training. Cost, about $50.

Now you have CERTIFICATION for blood cleanup .


Call Environmental Protection Agency

Next, call your local Hawaii environmental protection agency, your local health department, and then state offices for these same subjects. Ask about requirements for cleaning up after deaths for a profit. If you think you need bloodborne pathogen training and something else, then find out what that something else might require.

Next, have the very best of luck with your bloodborne pathogen certification. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration require bloodborne pathogen training. Now you have it.

If someone says you need more and they work for the government, you better listen. If someone says,"You need crime scene cleanup certification" and they own a "school" or crime scene cleanup training web site, I don't think that they have much integrity. Find out for yourself.


Now, if you enjoy reading my words of wisdom, perhaps you might find something useful at my crime scene cleanup blog, the official, certificated web site. I certified it myself, so I should know about its certification. There's much more to know.

I use Orange County Consumer Fraud to inform Orange County residents about their local government's fraud. There are many other web sites that I use for public education. I use Los Angeles Biohazard Cleanup to inform Los Angeles residents about corruption in their local government. It seems that employees from coroner, medical examiner, county administration and public guardian, fire fighters, and police and sheriff's deputies have their fingers in crime scene cleanup referrals.

There's not much else that I can do when it comes to these local government corruption issues. I've done all I can do. I continue to do all I can do. At least, I think I've done all that I can do.

One day we'll live in a better place. Free enterprise for the little wallets will prevail. Those with an interest in blood cleanup will make a decent wage. Those with a goal to do biohazard cleanup work will find reasonable advertising from of government sponsors, like crony county employees.

Fight Hawaii Corruption

It's never too late to help Ed Evans fight corruption in our local governments. Fight back with all of your might. Tell you county supervisors to post public information sign wherever the public does its county business. Inform people, tax payers that county employees have no right to refer death cleanup companies. I have created a death cleanup directory to help citizens in need. One day it will lead them to a local death cleanup company for help during their moment of griefJust as important, bloodborne pathogen certification will help those who must help themselves. Not everyone will have money enough to hire a certified cleaner. Some people prefer to do their own blood cleanup work. After all, it's a family matter many times. .




Certification may become a common term. It seems that many other occupational fields, besides this janitorial blood cleanup field, should have certification There's no telling who must work around blood. Even Los Angeles General Contractors have accidents on their grounds. Certify these builders. Certify those who work with them for knowledge in bloodborne pathogen exposures.

Whether blood cleanup certification, suicide cleanup certification, or trauma cleanup certification, Hawaii certification gives the world notice: this person has a certificate proving that they've achieved crime scene cleanup certification requirements.

I, for instance, improved my self-esteem as a young man by becoming a "certified" scuba diver. For me, this achievement gave me something special. Something special like achieving certification helped prove to my peers that I could do something unique, where before I seemed to be failing.

We find that certifications help individual s improve their skills, abilities, and knowledge. We also help consumers ensure their services receive a minimum standard of work.

Hawaii Certification

Some business people are like Frankie's on Star Trek. This means that they will why, cheat, and steal because in their world of ethics, lying, cheating, and stealing are the way to do business "ethically." Put another way, you and I become victims of their business dealings if they have their way about it. So it should not come as a surprise to see them use words like "certification" to fool us.

The word certification has five syllables. This makes it a "big word."

Certifications have something to do with an object, person, or organization. It's a way of confirming, proving something by an outside source of power. It confirms that education, assessment, or even an audit does what it says it does, for example; it's like a high school diploma certified by a tax payer funded school system. Tax payer want what they pay to support so high school diplomas must be "certified."

Take Trump University as an example of how a university certification works as a scam.

For over two years Trump was required to prove that his so-called "University" met the requirements of New York State and other states meaning for the use of "certification." In no way did our Pres. Trump prove that his so-called University met state requirements for a university.

To have met university certification in Hawaii, for example, a university would have needed 1 million books in its library. Of course, not only real estate books would do for such certification as a university in the state's rules for certification. Usually a university requires 1 million books, at least; it needs to prove the ability to share significant learning and scholarship in the arts (which includes poetry, literature, and other art forms like drawing, painting, pottery, music), religion, science, philosophy, and social affairs. Trump University had none of this. It had name and no official certification for being a "University." Still, he charge a fortune for his courses.

What he had was a battalion of hucksters known for their ability to strong-arm people in the buying stuff they didn't want or need. In fact, Trump University's so-called "teachers" were nothing more than use car sales people and little else.

The greatest number of certifications given in the United States are for professional certifications. He certifies that a person is competent to do a job or task. Like in medicine, medical doctors are certified just as x-ray technicians must become certified. Likewise with blood-borne pathogen training. One become certified in blood-borne pathogen training, preferably, by taking a course at the local Red Cross.

The federal government through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires blood-borne pathogen training for employees expected to handle blood or come in close contact with human blood. Hence, blood-borne pathogen training receives attention in medical circles. Certification of anyone in the medical field for blood-borne pathogen training is a requirement in the certification must be updated every single year.

A crime scene cleanup school may offer blood-borne pathogen certification, but this does not mean that such schools, so-called schools, are certified to give this type of certification.



Below find courses offered through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification.

  • WRT/ASD Hawaii Combo Course: This is fundamental training. This type of course will usually include water damage restoration training and applied structural drying. No crime scene cleaner should be without it. It begins a strong foundation for dealing with fluid movement, damage, and restoration. Once a sound background develops, cleaners will find that more than one course experience pays for itself.
  • CCT - Hawaii Carpet Cleaning Technician: Why a carpet cleaning course? Because a professional cleaner comes to those conditions where a wide background in carpet cleaning serves their clients. There are times when blood smears and blood droplets require removal. Needlessly damaging an expensive carpet for lack of cleaning experience leaves the mark of an amateur. We remove carpet only when blood puddles or otherwise saturated fabric.
  • CCMT - Hawaii Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician: Like above carpet issues, commercial "glue down" carpets need not be damaged unless soaked or saturated with blood. Easily removed blood smears or tiny blood droplets do come off. Peroxide and other chemicals may complete decontamination as cleaning comes to completion.
  • FCT - Floor Care (Hard Surfaces) Technician: Reading some of the literature about crime scene cleanup leaves one with the impression that hard surface floor care is not taken seriously. I must receive attention to avoid silly, costly errors. See my review of The Dead Janitors Club.
  • FSRT - Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician: There's no telling when a homicide burned out by a perpetrator will come your way. It would do the cleaner well to know something about this world of chard remains.
  • HST - Hawaii Health and Safety Technician - "Safety first" needs a hearing on all job sites before work begins. A health and safety technician looks before leaping. Know what to look for and what not to move pays dividends for clients as well as cleaners.
  • HCT - Hawaii House Cleaning Technician - At least one home inspection course will round out a cleaners rough edges. There's plenty to know. What about those electric wires? What about those water pipes traversing through an addict soiled by great quantities of blood. There's building structure and all the add-on accouterments to a home's life support system.
  • LCT - Hawaii Leather Cleaning Technician: This course becomes a must for those interested in cleaning high-end vehicles, including aircraft and boats.
  • OCT - Odor Control Technician: - Death's odors typically overcome the uninitiated. What to do about it and what should not do about death's odors confronts almost every crime scene cleaner.
  • RRT - Hawaii Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Technician: At times a cleaner can remove more money from their client's table by offering these important services. You're there, you know what to do, so why not do some repair and reinstallation work. Besides, this training gets to the nooks-and-crannies of what goes on below those two layers of latex.
  • UFT - Hawaii Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technician - Like any other type of cleaning, knowing upholstery and fabric cleaning pays off. It's not correct to destroy perfectly good upholstery and fabric out of ignorance. A trained practitioner knows before hand what can and cannot be salvaged. It's as important know what to salvage as it is to know what to demolish.
  • WRT - Hawaii Water Damage Restoration Technician - As a refresher or first time course, there' more than enough here to chew on. One time in the course gets the brain moving on important subjects. The next time in this course, cleaners begin there career as a subject matter expert, given the personal initiative.
  • ISSI - Introduction to Substrate Subfloor Inspection - If you didn't know before, you will soon. Every now and then the cleaner enters a building's subfloor out of necessity. Floor must come out when blood migrates too far.
    SMT - Hawaii Stone, Masonry and Ceramic Tile Cleaning Technician - It's clear enough that these skills join the cleaners routine cleaning efforts. Knowing what to do and how to do it proves important. If "time is money" holds true, this course will leave cleaners with more money in their pockets. It's good to know what to look for in a room upon entering. Knowing what can be done by cleaning and what must be done otherwise rewards the informed.

Here's a Los Angeles County unattended death cleanup information page. Here's another Los Angeles County decomposition cleanup page for even more crime scene cleanup related information.

During one of the greatest crisis of their lives, families become victims of a few Sacramento County employees. They fall prey to scams for stealing their money. Simple janitorial cleaning tasks go to corrupt Sacramento crime scene cleanup companies. In return these criminal county employees receive a families hard earned money. Besides victimized a second time, we might say that these second time victims become economic prisoners of their county employees; for a short time, during their worst moments, these victims believe that their government representatives would never mislead them by referring them to a business scam for cleaning a death scene.

As a form of white collar crime, these tax payer supported crooks deceive the public with their apparent color of authority. They represent respectability and high social status to many citizens. Their occupations imbue them with a certain veneer of government power in the form of serving and protecting the public. Little would anyone suspect that their death administrators like coroner and public guardians seek personal gain from their privileged employment.

As white color crime their opportunities to perform fraud against a naive public comes easily. They have created a subculture within a protective shield that we entitle our public servants so that they can do their needed work. They belong to a socially stratified career field. They have classifications for their work and share socioeconomic privileges others in society cannot imagine. Partial medical care, retirement programs, overtime pay, time off with freedom to accumulate compensation "comp time," and more. They live a middle-class life-style so long as they remain sensible about their expenditures.

For those involved in crime scene cleanup fraud, they have a guaranteed monopoly over crime scene cleanup. They receive as much as 10 percent of crime scene cleanup companies fees to work referred. In this way they and their crony companies keep free enterprise at bay.

Simple public information signs in pertinent county and city offices would help stem the growth of this horrifying trend in local government corruption.

Sanctions, penalties or other means of enforcement would help stem the tide of this growing menace. Criminal sanctions like serious punishment, incarceration or severe fines would do much. For abusing the public trust they should pay dearly.

We need restorative justice for all families victimized by these county and city employees. Imagine your spouse, child, parent, or friends being murdered or committing suicide. Then imagine a county employee misleading you to a cleaning company that charge ten or more times for cleaning up blood, a simple janitorial task. White collar criminals in this line of work should pay steep fines to help restore families stripped of their wealth by county and city employees and crime scene cleanup companies.
Should we not include child abuse among the crimes committed by these public servants? After all, they actually take from children what these children should rightfully inherit. As a result of corrupt county employees, many children loose needed family wealth to pursue education, find suitable clothing, and money that could itself generate income for their futures.


This is an official ed evans web design. All you need to do for the content is use it for certification purposes.

I'm Eddie Evans and I'm a Hawaii consumer advocate. I also own the crime scene cleanup school (hyphenated) web site to advocate for violent crime victims' families as well as readers. I'm also a professional crime scene cleanup practitioner with over 15 years in the business. I do my own crime scene cleanup work. I do not hire employees. I do not cheat customers, which means I do not give sheriff-coroner employees a kickback for referrals.


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There's thousands of scams out there and you should know so by what you find on the Internet. This idea of a "crime scene cleanup certification" is just another scam. Crime scene cleanup is a scam itself to rip off homeownerers insurance companies. Get the job first. If you don't believe me, sign up at "Trump University" and learn all there is to learn from a scam business.

Because of health issues it's become increasingly difficult to complete tasks on my own. As a result I've cut back on my blood cleanup work. But I can still warn the public about this terrible scam perpetrated against hard work Americans, the unemployed and our veterans.

This is you local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By the time President Trump gets done, we may not have an EPA, or a shell of an EPA. The oligarchs have no need for clean air and water since they can always buy it or move.

It's a scam to steal your money; no different than "Trump University," these so-called crime scene cleanup certification courses are worthless. Crime scene cleanup companies do their own training. They do not rely on "certification" because there are no government certifying agencies, like with pubilc schools and colleges.