Decomposition Cleanup Information

Regarding the decomposition cleanup at 111 Bristol Street in Los Angeles County, this decomposition cleanup will take the same time as in Orang Orange County.I offer to complete decomposition cleanup services as noted below.

Besides decomposition issues. this is a filthy house by virtue of the presence of human feces in all rooms on carpet and linoleum as well as to heavily feces soiled toilets and one bathtub. By appearances, it is also the domicile of a number of unidentified vagrants. Some clothing and litter throughout the house and garage indicate a mobile population that inhabits the premises long enough to use the fireplace and toilets.

The risk of sharps, hypodermic needles in particular, must be considered high because of this vagrant population. There is graffiti on the walls and it looks like some of the windows of have been removed or otherwise destroyed. Decomposition cleanup in this environment requires proper disposal of these objects.

The garage has a large couch and loves eat attached and a number of assorted pails, which may contain urine and human feces.

Brown wall-to-wall, level loop carpet in the living room, hallways, and bedrooms will be removed upon approval. Of course all feces will be removed as well as the two toilets. Clothing, bedding, furnishings, fence in the patio will be removed. The pool table will be dismantled and removed from the patio area. The aforementioned couch and loves eat with pails will be removed from the garage.

All infectious materials will be treated with Lyme and properly prepared for disposal in a local landfill by myself. Simple Green, Zep Citrus Cleaner, and Clorox bleach will serve as liquid disinfecting solutions. The entire dwelling will be fogged with a bleach and water solution consisting of one part bleach to four parts water (Center for Disease Control).

I expect 3 to 4 days to complete this assignment by removing all the above mentioned furnishings, feces, garments, wood and pool table in my expense. Bathroom floor and the bathtub will receive cleaning and disinfection once the human feces is removed. The garage floor and patio area will be swept. The floors in the house will also be swept.

I offer to complete this assignment for a flat fee of $250.