Unattended Death Cleanup Narrative


Hawthorne unattended death cleanup service for families and businesses. I offer these services for cash, check, and homeowners insurance. I offer a written guarantee for my services. With over 15 years of blood cleanup experience, I bring the skills, knowledge, and abilities to unattended death cleanup work that only a biohazard cleanup company owner and death cleanup practitioner can offer.

I've cleaned in many types of environments in all seasons and types of weather. I offer blood cleanup and death cleanup information to those families that need to complete their own unattended death cleanup tasks for personal and financial reason. Call any time and I can offer information related to my own experience in this type of very special, challanging work.



Callers often relate what they know about an unattended death, and usually their inexperience with this special situation leads to a misunderstanding of their cleaning needs. I always expect some part of a callers information to leave out important details and cleaning needs. Here's some ideas I bring up during telephone conversations.

  • city
  • insurance, check, cash
  • apartment, house, condominium, mobile home
  • bedroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, living room, elsewhere
  • couch, love seat, bed, toilet
  • approximate time of death
  • approximate time of removal
  • wood floor, concrete floor, carpet, linoleum, natual stone, laminate

By knowing before hand I have an approximate idea of what's required for an unattended death cleanup. This helps me to consider what tools, equipment, cleaning solutions, and other materials I might need. It also gives me an idea of my expenses.

Typically, biohazard cleanup involves much more than we can see. Only by experience do we learn the degree of cleaning required as well as possible demolition requirements. For example, it is not unusual for a responsible party to relate that the death scene occurred on the bed and that's the only area that needs work or removal.

At no time, in no way do I intend to imply that family members cannot do an adequate job when doing their own death cleanup work. A moment's consideration will remind us that humanity has cleaned up after deaths and's the beginning of our existence. But, most unattended death cleanup task have one term in common and that term is horrific. So for the uninitiated without experiencing cleaning after the horrific events, it may be wise to avoid this type of cleaning experience. In any case, common sense and a willingness to return to the task at hand was see family members through their own cleaning needs in this case.

Eventually the job gets done. I'm available almost 24 hours a day seven days a week to take calls from anybody with questions about this type of cleaning and I'm more than happy to help families in need. I do not charge for giving comments about my own experiences with death cleanup services.




Hawthorne Homeowners Insurance Accepted

Not all policies cover death cleanup. They do, however, cover structural damage in some cases. It's best to talk to your insurance carrier to learn more about what is covered and what is not.


Payment by Check

I accept payment by personal check from a local, major bank. I expect payment as a complete work. However, institutions, apartment complex management companies, condominium management companies, and other corporations receive 30 days. I'm sorry I cannot offer the same for families, but in the past I have had some problems in this area.


Cash Payment

I accept cash payment and often give a reduction in price for families and businesses in need of unattended death cleanup with some consideration.

Credit Cards

I do not accept credit cards because in the past issues arose and because I'm a sole proprietor with 15 years experience in the death cleanup business, I've learned that it's better for everyone if I do not accept credit cards. By not suffering losses related to credit issues, I see myself money and heartache and in the process pass on savings to my clients.

Hawthorne Unattended Deaths Explained

Life in Hawthorne shares the same social and cultural values is found elsewhere in the United States. Most often these values lead us to seek privacy, especially in our older years. It's during our older years that we choose to live alone or we must live alone for various reasons.Whatever the reason, living alone as we grow older becomes more common in Hawthorne. As a result we die alone.

Most people that choose to read this far had that unusual experience so many others find when discussing the death of a loved one in their home unattended. They hear that phrase, unattended death, for the first time and continue to ponder its meaning as a search for a way to remove that horrific scene remaining in their home or the home of a loved one. As likely as not, a corners investigator or even a clerk in the county corner's department will discreetly offer one or more telephone numbers for a family member to call. They say that they are not supposed to offer help for biohazard cleanup, but still they say "call these guys because are very good."

Of course, family members at this point think they're being given important information because they don't know the first thing about biohazard cleanup or where to go for help. So they use the telephone number without ever knowing that their buying into a county employee scam to produce a 10% kickback for themselves. Sometimes these employees own the biohazard cleanup company for which the offer a referral the family members. (return)

In any case, this phrase, unattended death cleanup, causes us to ponder what has happened in our lives and the lives of our loved one. "How did it come to this" we ask ourselves while not understanding this rather comment event. It's part of living in an industrial society that most recently moved into a digital age of instant communications. So unattended deaths are not new to humanity, but the idea shocks us because most of us are not in the death scene administration business. We remain naïve in terms dealing with death in the home.

Los Angeles County, also known as the County of Los Angeles, is the largest county in California. In fact, Los Angeles County's population is greater in number than 40 of our US states. If we were to combine Delaware and Rhode Island's populations they would still not match Los Angeles county's numbers. With this large population we must expect the number of unattended death cleanup calls to be quite high. As a consequence, California's population is well above all other states.

Consider to that California is also home to the largest county in the United States, San Bernardino County. San Bernardino's population adds approximately 2,100,000 people to our potential unattended death cleanup needs.

Riverside County adds approximately 2,200,000 people to the number allowing for our potential unattended death cleanup demands.

San Diego County adds approximately 3,500,000 people to the Southern California area.